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Trademark Registration in Vietnam

Trademark Registration in Vietnam

Company names, internet domain names, logos, and other symbols can all undergo trademark registration in Vietnam. Before being registered they need to follow certain stages and verifications, according to the law.

Below, you can find out how to register a trademark in accordance with the regulations applied to intellectual property in Vietnam. You can rely on our local law firm for support during the procedure.

Trademark registration steps in Vietnam

In order to protect your intellectual property rights in Vietnam, there are several steps to complete. They imply:

  1. trademark verification which can be completed online, in person, or through a proxy;
  2. submission of the application with the National Office of Intellectual Property (NOIP);
  3. obtain the registration certificate.

The procedure is simple, however, it requires attention when filing the documents and is lengthy because of the additional checks that must be performed by the Office of Intellectual Property.

In most cases, people and companies use the services our lawyers in Vietnam in order to not waste time waiting for long periods of time.

Documents required when registering a trademark in Vietnam

Individuals and companies seeking to obtain protection for their intellectual property in Vietnam, especially for trademarks, the following documents need to be filed:

  • a registration form;
  • a description of the trademark accompanied by one or more samples of it;
  • a list of the goods/products it is intended to protect;
  • details about the particularities of the trademark which differentiates it from other products;
  • the receipt indicating the payment of the registration fee.

Apart from these, additional documents may include a power of attorney if the registration is completed through a proxy, a document stating the right of priority, if this is the case.  Also, depending on the type of Vietnamese trademark, other papers permissions and certificates may be required.

If you need guidance on the registration procedure, you can discuss with our Vietnamese lawyers who can also assist you during the process.

Trademark examination in Vietnam

One of the most important steps in intellectual property registration in Vietnam is verification. This stage is completed by the National Office and is an important step in the decision to issue the registration certificate.

The Office will evaluate the application’s eligibility based on its format, owner, eligibility to file applications, classification, etc. If accepted, the NOIP will announce the valid application and publish it in the National Gazette for a determined period of time for oppositions to be filed by possible contestants.

It is best to avoid any opposition by performing the due diligence verification before the application for trademark registration is filed. This is a case in which our law firm in Vietnam can assist.

How long does it take to register a trademark in Vietnam?

Trademark registration in Vietnam expands over a longer period of time, which can be divided into:

  • the formal verification that takes about one month to complete;
  • within the next 2 months, the NOIP will publish the trademark;
  • after the publication, the substantive verification of the mark must be completed in 9 months;
  • if the trademark is accepted, within 2 or 3 months, the Office will issue the registration certificate.

You should expect for the total registration time to be completed in about one and a half year. Also, the same procedure applies to Vietnamese citizens/residents and non-residents.

If you need assistance in securing your intellectual property rights in Vietnam, feel free to contact us.