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Immigrate to Vietnam from Canada

Immigrate to Vietnam from Canada

Foreign citizens who want to immigrate to Vietnam can choose between several types of visas and residence permits. This is also the case of those interested in moving to Vietnam from Canada who can choose between temporary and permanent residency depending on the reasons they come here.

If you are a Canadian citizen and want to move here, you can rely on our immigration lawyers in Vietnam for support in obtaining the desired type of visa of residence permit, including in starting a business here.

Is it necessary to obtain a Vietnam visa for Canadian citizens?

Canadian citizens need visas to enter Vietnam, however, these can be obtained upon arrival. However, it is important to note that the only type of visa to be obtained this way is the tourist visa. This is why when you are planning to immigrate to Vietnam from Canada, other steps need to be completed.

These are:

  1. reviewing the types of residence permits available and their conditions;
  2. looking for a place to stay in the desired city;
  3. start preparing the documents for immigration, in accordance with the permit to be requested;
  4. filing the documents and waiting to collect the permit from the Vietnamese Embassy in Ottawa.

The fastest way for immigration to Vietnam from Canada is by asking for our immigration services. Our team is at your disposal for tailored support.

We are at your service with various services in terms of immigration to Vietnam. We can help you apply for short- and long-term residence permits, as well as for citizenship if you meet the legal conditions to obtain a passport. No matter the case, contact our law office and get the necessary information.

Only certain citizens of Western counties are permitted visa-free access into Vietnam for up to 15 days, although the majority of visitors will need to apply for which visas in advance. This is why, when seeking to apply for a Vietnamese residence permit, it is very important to follow specific regulations, that can be explained by our lawyers.

Types of visas for Vietnam

As recently mentioned, the first step to correctly relocate to Vietnam from Canada is to research one’s options. Briefly, these are:

  • the temporary residence permit that can be issued for a maximum period of one calendar year;
  • the work visa that has a maximum validity of 2 years (please check with our lawyers the other validity periods);
  • the investor visa that has a validity of 5 years and is one of the fastest ways to permanent residence;
  • the dependent visa that has a validity of one year and can be obtained by family members of Canadian citizens living in Vietnam.

If you are still uneasy about immigration to Vietnam and the Vietnamese visa for Canadian citizens you could apply for, you can ask for detailed information from our consultants.

Our law firm in Vietnam is also at your service if you want to set up a company here. After living here sufficiently, you can also qualify for citizenship in Vietnam.

We can also help you apply for residency in Vietnam. One of the most important documents to supply in this sense is the sponsorship letter. This can be obtained through various means, among which employment, business partnership or even family ties, depending on one’s reason to relocate to Vietnam from Canada.

Entrepreneurship for Canadian citizens in Vietnam

Canada and Vietnam have established diplomatic relations for more than 30 years, in 1973. This is why one of the best ways of moving to Vietnam from Canada is by starting a business here.

Vietnam is one of the most advanced economies in Southeast Asia, with a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of 290 billion USD at the level of 2021 that has registered a slight increase of 2.58% compared to 2020. In the following years, Trading Economics magazine has gathered data that indicates a GDP of 310 billion USD for 2022, and 340 billion USD for 2023.

This is why, applying for a Vietnamese visa for Canadian citizens for opening a company here can have a good outcome. From an immigration point of view, the DT visa is the most suitable option.

Here are the main things to consider if you immigrate to Vietnam from Canada with it:

  • the DT1 visa that requires a minimum investment of 100 billion VND in specific business operations and industries;
  • the DT 2 visa that requires between 50 billion and 100 billion VND;
  • the DT3 visa is an option for those who can invest between 3 billion and 50 billion VND;
  • the DT4 visa can be obtained by investors interested in injecting less than 3 billion VND in economic fields approved by the government.

The company registration procedure can be handled by our Vietnamese lawyers. You should also note that you need a local representative to file for this visa. You can be represented by our immigration specialists.

Bookkeeping is one of the main sought services when having a business. This is also the case in Vietnam, as companies here must comply with various requirements, among which also keeping track of all incoming and outgoing amounts of money. So, feel free to request the services of our accountants in Vietnam for bookkeeping support.

Taxation of Canadian citizens in Vietnam

Taxation is very important matter when deciding on immigration to Vietnam from Canada, which is why it is important to note that is it is based on residency. A Canadian citizen living in Vietnam for 183 days in a calendar year will be imposed the income tax at a rate of 20%. For tax residents, the income tax applies progressively at rates ranging between 0% and 35%.

The same regulations apply to citizens of other countries who immigrate to Vietnam.

Obtaining citizenship in Vietnam

Provided that a Canadian citizen has lived in Vietnam for 5 years based on a permanent residence permit, he or she can qualify for Vietnamese citizenship. It is important to note that Vietnam does not recognize dual citizenship, unless the second passport has been obtained by marriage or investment.

If you are planning on moving to Vietnam from Canada and need assistance, contact us. Our immigration lawyers in Vietnam is at your service anytime you decide to start the relocation procedure. We can also help you apply for citizenship in Vietnam.