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Relocate to Vietnam

Relocate to Vietnam

Foreign citizens who are looking for destinations to move to can choose Vietnam for various reasons. First of all, the country is one of the most developed in Asia, as it provides numerous business and employment opportunities. Secondly, relocating here is possible for citizens all over the world through multiple types of visas. If you want to relocate to Vietnam, in this article you can discover a step-by-step guide starting with the immigration procedures and up to the final process of registering with the local authorities. Our lawyers in Vietnam can support you with various services in this sense. You can also rely on us if you decide to apply for citizenship in Vietnam.

 Quick Facts  
Entry visa requirement 


Types of visas available

– tourist,

– business,

– student visas,

– work permit,

– temporary residence permit

Time frame for obtaining work visa (approx.) 

Approx. one month

Validity of temporary residence permit

3 to 10 years

Temporary residence permit renewal requirements

The conditions under which it was obtained must remain in place

Documents for obtaining a residence permit

– application form,

– valid passport,

– proof of accommodation,

– sponorship letter,

– other documents based on the reason of immigration

Time frame for obtaining permanent residence (approx.)

3 years

Investor Visa availability (YES/NO)

Yes, the minimum investment amount is VND 3 billion (approx. USD 132,000)

Start-up Visa Scheme availability (YES/NO)


Sponsorship requirement (YES/NO) Yes 
Time frame for obtaining citizenship

5 years based on permanent residence

Citizenship/Residency by investment scheme availability (YES/NO)

Yes, investor visa 

Taxation of foreign citizens

– 20% on employment income, 

– 1% – 5% on business income, 

– 5% on interest/dividend/royalties income

Tax benefits for expats

– flat personal income tax rate,

– access to approx. 80 double tax treaties 

What does it imply to move to a foreign country?

No matter the country you come from, moving to Vietnam should first imply a thorough search of the entry requirements and living conditions.

In terms of living conditions, if you want to relocate to Vietnam, you will make a good choice as the costs here are quite low compared to other Asian countries. The rent, the food and other basic needs can be accommodated cheaply, which is why it is worth choosing it.

Vietnam currently does not provide any visa options for remote workers or retirees, requiring them to use the regular pathways to move here. If you want to apply for a Vietnamese residence permit, you can rely on our specialists who can help you. Feel free to contact us and find out how we can help you establish yourself here.

Types of visas for those who immigrate to Vietnam

The Vietnamese authorities issue various types of visas for visits and short-term stays, however, these are easy to obtain with the help of our specialists, which is why we will direct our attention to the residency options a foreign citizen wants.

From this point of view, our immigration lawyers in Vietnam advise on temporary and permanent residence permits which also bring various benefits.

Also, if you are interested in immigration to Hanoi, we are at your service.

Residency options for those who immigrate to Vietnam

Once you have established that Vietnam is the country you want to move to, you need to choose a residence permit to apply for depending on the duration of stay. Medium and long-term relocation can imply:

  1. a temporary residence permit which has a duration of stay of 12 months;
  2. a work visa which has a validity that can reach up to 2 years;
  3. an investment visa which is valid for 5 years and comes with financial requirements;
  4. a special visa that enters the category of L visas and that has a validity of up to 5 years.

Considering that they can be prolonged, you can also apply for permanent residency if you decide to relocate to Vietnam for good.

Our immigration lawyers in Vietnam can help you understand the conditions of each visa, select and apply for the most suitable.

We offer a wide range of services, including those that are tax-related. To ensure you receive the financial statements you require, particularly if you need them for tax purposes, our accountants in Vietnam are at your disposal. You can rely on us to provide tailored solutions that fall in line with your company profile.

Finding a place to stay in Vietnam

One of the most important aspects to consider before immigrating to Vietnam is securing a place to stay. You can choose between apartments or houses, depending on the city you decide to live in.

A few years ago, a new law on housing was passed, and according to it, foreign citizens can acquire rights over various types of properties they can live in. The main condition to do that is to have a valid Vietnamese visa.

For those who do not want to purchase a property, rental remains a suitable solution until another decision is made.

In order to buy a property in Vietnam as a foreigner, one must obtain a certificate from the Vietnamese government. From this point of view, you can use the services of our real estate lawyers who can explain in detail the main types of certificates available (there are 3 types of such documents) and how to obtain them. On request, we can help you apply for one. Once you decide to relocate to Vietnam, you can get in touch with our lawyers.

If you have decided to immigrate to Vietnam, you can choose between one of the residence permits issued to foreign citizens. Among them, the temporary and permanent ones are the most common. However, in order to obtain the second type, you must get the first one and stay here for a determined period of time.

While there are certain countries that benefit from visa exemptions for their citizens who come here for short visits, when seeking to move here, Vietnamese residency is necessary. The document can be issued for a temporary or permanent stay, however, the validity of the second type of visa is conditioned by renewal.

Registration with the Vietnamese authorities

When you decide to immigrate to Vietnam and obtain a residence permit, after arriving to the country, you need to register with certain local authorities.

Here are the main aspects to consider from this point of view:

  • it is necessary to have a health insurance in order to ensure medical assistance;
  • registration for social securities is also mandatory, especially when coming here on employment;
  • registration as a taxpayer with the local tax department is also mandatory.

If you need guidance in registering with various authorities, you can request more information from our Vietnamese lawyers

Foreign citizens who want to relocate to Vietnam can direct their questions to our law office.

Language barriers in Vietnam

One of the most important things foreign citizens ask about when relocating to Vietnam is if people here speak any international language than their native one. Vietnam was a French colony, so this is one of the most popular languages spoken here, however, when moving to large cities, English is also quite common.

So, if you speak any of these idioms, or even Chinese, you should have no problems. We can also help you check if you meet the requirements for obtaining citizenship in Vietnam.

Legal services for expats in Vietnam

If you want to immigrate to Vietnam and need guidance, no matter your country of residence, our law firm is at your disposal with various services. We can provide assistance if you want to have documents translated or if you want to apply for a specific type of visa.

On demand, we can also provide support in setting up a business if you are an investor who wants to have a company in one of Vietnam’s main business centers. Our lawyers are also at your service if you need guidance in drafting various documents, such as contracts, or if you want to acquire a property in a large city.

The investor visa in Vietnam

Foreign citizens who want to move to Vietnam by setting up a company can apply for the investor visa. It should be noted that there are several categories of this visa that can be accessed based on the amount of money invested.

Here are the main aspects related to immigration to Vietnam based on investment:

  1. the DT1 visa which is issued to foreign investors who can invest at least 100 billion VND in specific business operations and industries;
  2. the DT 2 visa which is issued to investors who can inject at least between 50 billion and 100 billion in fields approved by the government;
  3. the DT3 visa which is available for entrepreneurs interested in investing between 3 billion and 50 billion VND;
  4. the DT4 visa which can be accessed by those who want to invest less than 3 billion VND.

The main difference between the categories of this visa is the validity period. In this sense:

  • the DT1 and DT2 visas are valid for up to 5 years;
  • the DT3 visa is valid for 3 years;
  • the DT4 visa has a validity 12 months.

Vietnam is one of the few countries to offer such an array of investment options in terms of financial requirements which is one of the best reasons to choose to relocate here.

Do not hesitate to contact our law firm in Vietnam for detailed information on our services and reasons on why you should move here.