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Litigation Attorneys in Vietnam

Litigation Attorneys in Vietnam

Our litigation attorneys in Vietnam can provide companies legal support when dealing with commercial disputes in front of the authorities. With a vast experience and practice in the litigation field, our lawyers in Vietnam are at the disposal of foreign and local entrepreneurs dealing with lawsuits or related matters, as they have knowledge of the local legislation. Also, we remind that for opening a business in Vietnam, legal assistance can be offered before the incorporation process starts.

We also offer other services, including related to relocation, if you decide to immigrate to Vietnam.

The commercial disputes arbitrated in Vietnam

With a considerable reform in the recent years, the Vietnamese judicial system has seen great improvements and more than that, the commercial arbitration and the civil proceedings offer confidence to foreign investors and entrepreneurs. The judicial system in Vietnam consists of superior courts, district-level people’s courts, and the provincial-level people’s courts (63 in Vietnam) all three part of the Supreme People’s Court. The district-level courts are in charge of arbitration of the commercial disputes in Vietnam.

Our law firm also specializes in offering guidance to those who want to obtain residence permits or citizenship in Vietnam.

Residency in Vietnam implies filing your application with the Immigration Department. The procedure can take up a few months to complete depending on whether your file is complete or not. In this case, you can rely on our immigration specialists who can help you gather the paperwork work and submit it for admission. Our agents can help you obtain the desired type of permit.

How is the commercial arbitration dealt in Vietnam?

When companies face commercial and economic disputes in Vietnam, the main solution in this direction is the arbitration applicable under the Law on Commercial Arbitration No. 54-2010.The following steps are part of a commercial arbitration in Vietnam:

  • • an arbitration agreement needs to be settled in writing (complete support can be offered by our team of lawyers in Vietnam);
  • • evidence like company documents need to be provided when the arbitration starts;
  • • assets involved in the dispute can be verified at the time the arbitration commences;
  • • if both parts have settled a new agreement with terms and conditions instead of a lawsuit, this needs to be signed in front of the public notary in Vietnam.

The Arbitration Council in Vietnam will reach an agreement whether the proceedings are in Vietnamese or not, if a foreign commercial dispute is involved, in compliance with the Law on Commercial Arbitration. We can handle the arbitration cases in Vietnam and we can propose the suitable approach in your situation before entering into a lawsuit. Our Vietnamese lawyers are at your disposal with complete support in litigation cases.

You can also count on us if you want to move to Vietnam. The type of visa you apply for, the length of your stay, the number of desired entries, and the purpose of your travel all affect the specific documents and application fees that must be submitted for correct immigration to Vietnam. If you need support in drafting the documents for relocation, you can rely on our local law firm.

We are also at the service of investors who run companies here with support in accounting matters in accordance with the law. The criteria outlined in the Vietnam Accounting Standard and the Law on Accounting must be followed by all businesses in Vietnam. You might find these financial reporting standards difficult and time-consuming if your company is new. For this purpose, you can use the services provided by our accountants in Vietnam.

The People’s High Court in Vietnam

The civil courts, the Labor, Family, and Juvenile courts, the criminal courts, the economic and the administrative courts are part of the People’s High Courts in Vietnam and deal with a wide range of disputes, starting with the family ones and ending with the commercial cases.

Please feel free to contact our law firm in Vietnam and ask about our litigation lawyers and the cases in which they can provide legal support. We can assist if you want to apply for citizenship in Vietnam.