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Immigrate to Vietnam from USA

Immigrate to Vietnam from USA

Vietnam is one of the most interesting countries in Southeast Asia. If until a few years ago, most foreign citizens who came here were tourists, now, more and foreigners are interested in the work and business opportunities offered by this state.

This is also the case of US citizens who find plenty of reasons to relocate here. Moving to Vietnam from USA implies obtaining a temporary or permanent residence permit which enables one to legally live here.

Below, our immigration lawyers in Vietnam explain how you can immigrate here from the United States. We offer tailored guidance and support, no matter the period of time you plan on staying here. We can also help you immigrate to Vietnam from another country.

Visa requirements for entering Vietnam as a US citizen

Just like citizens of other countries, Americans must apply for a visa when coming to Vietnam. However, the visa can be picked up upon arrival in this country. This procedure is available for short stays only, which is why for those who plan on moving to Vietnam from the United States on a long-term, a residence permit is required.

The residency requirements imposed by the national authorities are not complex, however, there are several types of permits a foreign citizen can obtain which is why the assistance of a Vietnamese law firm can be very valuable.

Visa types for immigration to Vietnam from USA

If you plan to immigrate to Vietnam from USA, you can obtain a short-term or long-term residence permit, however, obtaining it depends on several factors, among which the reason for coming here is one of the most important.

Here are the main types of residence permits available for US citizens relocating to Vietnam:

  1. the working visa which is divided into several categories and has a maximum validity of 2 years;
  2. the family visa which is granted to relatives of US citizens living here and has a validity of 12 months;
  3. the investment visa which has a validity of 5 years and requires specific financial resources;
  4. temporary residence permits with a maximum validity of 12 months can also be obtained by US citizens.

What should be noted is that in 2020, the new Immigration Law entered into effect in Vietnam and under it new conditions, most types of visas have validity periods ranging from 3 to 12 months. Special categories of permits, such as L visas grant permission for foreign citizens to stay in the country for up to 5 years.

So, if you are interested in moving here from the United States, our immigration lawyers in Vietnam can offer all the details you need to select the appropriate type of visa. We can then handle the formalities for your arrival.

Feel free to get in touch with us and ask about the ways you can immigrate to Vietnam.

Immigration to Vietnam is one of the aspects our lawyers can help in. If you need guidance in applying for a residence permit, you can rely on us for guidance in selecting the appropriate route to relocation, according to your needs. Please contact us and let us know how we can help you settle here.

We are dedicated to fully covering the individual needs of our clients and developing professional, specialized accounting services that best satisfy their diverse business goals. Our seasoned Vietnamese accountants has assisted numerous businesses in managing their paperwork by providing state-of-the-art accounting services.

How to apply for a Vietnamese business visa for US citizens

Vietnam and USA have established bilateral economic relations in 1995, and over the 25-years period of time. Trade between the two countries has amounted from 451 million USD to more than 90 billion USD in 2020. This is why, one of the most sought types of visas US citizens apply for when moving to Vietnam is the business visa.

There are two types of business visas issued by the Vietnamese authorities:

  • the DN1 visa which is issued to foreign citizens who work with other Vietnamese companies and organizations in accordance with local laws.
  • the DN2 visa which is issued to foreign citizens who come to Vietnam to provide services, set up businesses, or enter other activities permitted by international treaties Vietnam has signed.

These two types of Vietnamese visas can also be accessed by US businesspersons.

Our lawyers are at your service if you want to immigrate to Vietnam from the United States of America based on a business visa. Living here sufficiently can lead to obtaining citizenship in Vietnam.

We are also at the service of persons who are interested in dual citizenship Vietnam – USA. 

How to obtain a business visa for Vietnam as a US citizen

There are two ways of obtaining a Vietnamese business visa: on arrival or prior to entering the country. In the first case, the applicant can file the application online in person or through his/her Vietnamese sponsor. The visa will be applied on the passport upon entering Vietnam.

The second procedure implies contacting one of the 3 offices of the Vietnamese Embassy in the US, in the case of American citizens. These are located in Washington, San Francisco, and Houston.

If you decide on immigration to Vietnam from USA through a business visa, you can rely on our lawyers who can help you draft the application.

The documents you must supply are:

  • a 6-month valid passport;
  • a letter of sponsorship from a Vietnamese company or another organization.

We would also like to update you on the fact that a Vietnamese business visa for a US citizen has a validity range of 1 to 12 months. The same applies to citizens of other countries.

Our law firm can also help those interested in applying for dual citizenship Vietnam – USA.

How to obtain temporary residence in Vietnam as a US citizen

If are interested in moving to Vietnam from USA but are not sure on whether this is the best fit, temporary residence is one of the best options for you. The requirements are not stringent and come with several benefits.

In order to obtain a temporary residence card in Vietnam as a US citizen, you need stay here for at least one year based on solid reasons and have a passport with a minimum validity of 13 months. Employment, intra-company transfers, family reunification, and business are among the grounds to obtain such a permit.

Its main advantages are that you can purchase a property based on it and carry out business activities or work here with local companies or as self-employed individuals.

If you are interested in temporary residency in Vietnam, our lawyers are at your service with more information about it.

Moving to Vietnam from USA and permanent settlement

It is hard not to fall in love with this country once you lived here for a short time, which is the number of foreign citizens deciding to remain here grows by the year.

If you want to relocate to Vietnam from USA and stay here for an indefinite period of time, permanent residence is the main pathway to achieve that.

Permanent residency is available for:

  • US citizens who are married to Vietnamese ones;
  • US citizens making a significant contribution to the Vietnamese economy;
  • US citizens who run businesses here.

The permanent residence card is issued for a period of 3 years and can be renewed.

Applications for permanent residence are processed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The investor visa in Vietnam

If you are interested in moving to Vietnam from USA and have sufficient funds to start a business, the investor visa can be a suitable option for you. There are 4 options under which the DT visa can be obtained in exchange for an amount of money injected in a local company.

We can also offer assitance if you want to obtain citizenship in Vietnam.

Citizenship and dual citizenship in Vietnam for US citizens

If you want to relocate to Vietnam from USA and remain here, you must first obtain permanent residency which is the main pathway to citizenship.

It is also possible for US citizens to obtain dual citizenship in Vietnam. The authorities here have enabled specific requirements for dual citizenship starting in July, 2009.

The main conditions to satisfy in order to obtain Vietnamese citizenship and retain a USA passport are:

  • having blood relations with Vietnamese citizens;
  • being married to a Vietnamese citizen;
  • making a significant investment in Vietnam.

Descent is one of the main ways through which dual citizenship Vietnam – USA can be obtained. A US citizen must have at Vietnamese parents or children in order to obtain passports in this country.

Marriage is another way to obtain dual citizenship in Vietnam, while moving here under one of the investment visas also enables a US citizen to be come a Vietnamese passport holder.

By presidential decree, it is possible for a foreign citizen to retain multiple citizenships, however, we invite you to discuss this possibility with our Vietnamese lawyers. Generally speaking, a Vietnamese passport can be acquired after living here for 5 years based on a permanent residence permit.

If you are interested in moving to Vietnam from USA and applying for citizenship, our immigration specialists can guide you.

If you need more information or support in immigration to Vietnam, you can work with our local law firm towards finding the best approach for you. So, do not hesitate to contact us.