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Legal Services in Vietnam

Legal Services in Vietnam

Our lawyers in Vietnam are at the service of local and foreign investors and ordinary citizens with a variety of legal services ready to answer their needs. Among these, we mention assistance in moving to this country and setting up various types of businesses. Below, we provide a list of our main legal services in Vietnam and detailed information on them.

Our main legal services in Vietnam

When discussing legal services, our law firm in Vietnam is at the service of its clients with:

  • immigration solutions;
  • assistance in debt collection;
  • support in buying real estate;
  • employment-related guidance;
  • assistance in litigation;
  • support in opening a company.

In order to understand how we can help you, do not hesitate to contact us.

We can help you move to Vietnam

Our law office is made up of specialists in immigration matters, who can tackle any aspect of relocating here. For example, for those interested in moving to Vietnam based on employment, there are specific steps to complete, while when coming here as a businessperson, you need to comply with different requirements.

Our legal services related to immigration to Vietnam focus on this exact aspect: providing each case with the attention and personalized approach it deserves. In order to obtain the best outcome, we recommend getting in touch with us in advance in order to come up with the best solution for you.

Among the visas we can help you obtain are:

  • work visas;
  • digital nomad visas;
  • intra-company transfer visas;
  • family reunion visas;
  • investment visas.

Furthermore, we can help you apply for permanent residency followed by citizenship in Vietnam, whilst making sure you meet the conditions for both of them.

Debt collection lawyers in Vietnam

While unpleasant, debt collection is a losing situation no matter the side you are on:

  • as a creditor, you lose money every day the debt goes unpaid;
  • as a debtor, the amount of money you owe grows every day.

The best solution in this case is an amicable agreement that can be drafted by our lawyers in Vietnam. However, if you want to go to court, this is a service we can provide you with.

Real estate-related legal services in Vietnam

The demand for property purchases in Vietnam has spiked in the past few years, as the country has become an appealing vacation destination. For this purpose, we have adjusted our legal services to the needs of those who want to buy or sell real estate.

Our legal services related to real estate imply:

  • due diligence checks;
  • documents preparation;
  • assistance during the transaction;
  • post purchase support.

For detailed information on how our Vietnamese lawyers can help you buy or sell a property, you can write or call us during office hours.

Employment Law support in Vietnam

Employment, dismissal, intra-company transfers, and labor disputes, are some of the legal services our law firm in Vietnam can help companies and workers with.

Falling in line with the provisions of the Labor Code can be tricky, especially for foreign employers and employees, which is why our lawyers specialize in helping this category of clients in their endeavor to respect it.

Business registration support

If you want to open a company in Vietnam, you can rely on us for:

  • support in choosing one of the 5 types of business forms available for registration;
  • assistance in complying with the provisions of the 2005 Enterprise Law;
  • incorporating the company within the minimum timeframe of 30 days.

We are also at your disposal with tax and VAT registration after incorporation, as well as obtaining the necessary investment licenses for foreign businessmen.

Contact us for more information on our legal services in Vietnam.