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Immigrate to Vietnam from UK

Immigrate to Vietnam from UK

Foreign people who want to relocate to Vietnam need to complete various formalities, among which choosing suitable types of visas and filing various papers with the immigration authorities here. This is also the case of persons seeking to immigrate to Vietnam from UK and who need to respect the same regulations as the citizens of other states.

If you plan on moving to Vietnam from the United Kingdom, this guide is for you. In it, our Vietnamese lawyers explain the steps and procedures associated with short and long-term immigration. We can also help them apply for citizenship in Vietnam.

Do British citizens need visas to enter Vietnam?

One of the most frequent questions our immigration lawyers in Vietnam receive from British citizens is if they need visas to enter this country. And the answer is that they do. It is also important to note that even when they want to apply for a residence permit, they still need to obtain a visa to enter Vietnam before they are issued their residence permits.

If you want to immigrate to Vietnam from UK, we advise soliciting all the information you need before starting the procedure. Our law firm can also help you in preparing the documents for a correct application.

We can offer support to citizens of other European countries who want to immigrate to Vietnam.

Compared to other countries, it is not possible to move and obtain a residence permit for Vietnam by purchasing real estate. This is not an option for foreign investors who want to move here. They can do that by starting a business here. Our immigration specialists can explain the requirements for relocation under the investor visa.

Our Vietnamese accountants use dedicated programs to provide quick and effective solutions. When handling accounting and the tasks associated with it, software is essential. Please get in touch with us if you have any inquiries or would like more details about our services and customized solutions for small and large businesses.

Types of visas that enable you to relocate to Vietnam from the United Kingdom

When you decide on moving to Vietnam from UK, we advise you search for the right type of visa you qualify for. Here are the main options you can choose from:

  1. work visas – in their case you must pay attention to the several categories available;
  2. the temporary residence permit which can be obtained for short-term stays (through short-term, we mean maximum one calendar year);
  3. investment visas which are available for those willing to commit to injecting a specific amount of money in various assets and that have a long-term validity;
  4. permanent residence and citizenship that can be acquired provided that specific living requirements are met.

If you want to move to Vietnam from UK and need information on the conditions attached to each type of residence permit, you can rely on our local lawyers.

Our Vietnamese lawyers are also at your service if you want to relocate here from another country, such as the United States. Generally speaking, US citizens must comply with similar requirements as Britons. Moreover, we can provide guidance on obtaining citizenship in Vietnam.

Our lawyers can also help you if you want to immigrate to Vietnam. You can rely on our local specialists for guidance in choosing and applying for the right permit, based on your needs. Do not hesitate to ask for our support if you want to move to Vietnam on a short or long term.

Obtaining a residence permit in Vietnam as a British citizen

One of the safest ways through which you can immigrate to Vietnam from UK is obtaining a residence permit as through it you will have access to permanent settlement and even citizenship if this country fits your needs and meets your expectations.

In light of new changes in the legislation, you can become eligible for L visas with a validity of several years. However, for this purpose, you need to meet certain conditions.

The L visa is the equivalent of work visas in other countries, and it is divided into:

  • the LD1 visa which is available for foreign citizens who are exempt from obtaining regular work visas (British citizens can qualify for such a visa);
  • the LD2 visa which can be obtained without any additional requirement by those who want to work in Vietnam.

The LD1 visa is suitable for those interested in moving to Vietnam from the United Kingdom based on specific investments. To be more precise, here the main conditions of this special type of work and residency permit:

  • business owners who commit to invest at least 3 billion VND in a limited liability companies;
  • people acting as chairpersons or members in the Board of Directors in a public company with a share capital of minimum 3 million VND;
  • people who enter Vietnam with the intention of staying for less than 3 months to offer various services;
  • people who enter Vietnam to solution various technical or technological issues and who stay here for maximum 3 months;
  • British citizens who have professional licenses to act in specific fields of activity.

No matter the way you want to immigrate to Vietnam from UK, our local law firm can help you prepare the documents to file with the Immigration Department.

Obtaining permanent residency and citizenship in Vietnam

People interested in moving to Vietnam from UK with the intention of remaining here indefinitely can apply for permanent residency and then citizenship.

In the first stage, you should know that permanent settlement is possible after living in Vietnam based on a temporary residence permit for 3 years. It is also possible to obtain residency through marriage with a Vietnamese citizen.

Then, Vietnamese citizenship can be obtained after 5 years of permanent residency.

If you are interested in relocating to Vietnam from UK and need assistance, do not hesitate to contact our law firm for specific immigration services and guidance on the latest changes in the legislation that ease your arrival here. Feel free to address our lawyers if you decide to immigrate to Vietnam from another country.