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Immigrate to Vietnam from Russia

Immigrate to Vietnam from Russia

Vietnam offers great investment and employment opportunities, work and business visas being requested by most foreign citizens coming here. This also applies to Russian citizens interested in exploring new ventures.

Russian citizens coming to Vietnam need to obtain entry visas if they intend to stay here for more than 15 days aside from the residence permits that enable them to complete their activities here. This is why, if you decide on immigration to Vietnam from Russia, you can rely on the relocation services provided by our local lawyers.

Visa requirements for Russian citizens coming to Vietnam

One of the main reasons to choose to move to Vietnam from Russia despite being required to apply for a visa is the simple process of obtaining it. Entry or e-visas are issued within maximum 2 days or even on arrival for those who want to work as digital nomads, for example. Remote workers can enter and stay in Vietnam based on tourist or business visas.

This type of visa can be issued to register a company in Vietnam following which a Russian citizen can apply for a long-term residence permit.

Our lawyers in Vietnam are at the service of Russian entrepreneurs interested in exploring business opportunities here. If you decide to immigrate to Vietnam from Russia under different circumstances, residence permits can be obtained for other purposes.

Immigration to Vietnam from Russia based on employment

People who want to immigrate to Vietnam from Russia can apply for work permits, however, the requirements are quite stringent. For example, such visas that come with residence permits can be issued to the following categories of specialists:

  • managers and executives working in local companies;
  • specialists and highly skilled persons who can take up employment on relevant positions;
  • technicians.

The main advantage of moving to Vietnam from Russia this way is that the employer is required to participate in the process and submit the necessary documents to prove it needs the skills of the respective worker.

The validity of a work permit can be of one year and can lead to obtaining a temporary residence permit. Our law firm in Vietnam can also offer support in respect to the Employment Law.

An entry visa is required for most foreigners who want to enter the country, however, it can be obtained in approximately one month. Things are a little more complicated when it comes to long-term immigration to Vietnam, as there are more procedures to complete, case in which legal support in recommended.

Other ways of obtaining temporary residency in Vietnam as a Russian citizen

Not only employees can qualify for temporary residency if they immigrate to Vietnam from Russia, but also the following applicants:

  1. those who are shareholders in Vietnamese limited liability companies;
  2. those who are the sole owners of a Vietnamese company;
  3. directors of public companies registered in Vietnam;
  4. students, trainees, professionals, athletes, etc.;
  5. family members of Russian citizens who are already established here.

We would also like to remind you that if you want to relocate to Vietnam from Russia with your family, our immigration lawyers in Vietnam can advise on this procedure.

We are also at your service with support in renewing your Vietnamese residence permit. A mandatory requirement in this sense is for the conditions under which the visa was issued to remain unchanged. If you want to proceed further with applying for renewal, contact our lawyers for customized support.

How long does it take to obtain permanent residency in Vietnam?

Those who decide to move to Vietnam from Russia on a long term with the intention of obtaining permanent residency (PR) can obtain this status after living here for 3 or more years. However, it should be noted that the processing time for obtain the PR card takes approximately 4 months. The validity of the card is 10 years.

When it comes to living costs in Vietnam, here are the main highlights presented by InternationalLiving.com:

  • rental costs range between USD 400 and USD 900 per month;
  • Ho Chi Min City and Hanoi are the 2 most expensive cities to live in with rentals going up to USD 1,300 per month;
  • the average monthly living costs can be around USD 4,000.

If you want to immigrate to Vietnam from Russia and need assistance, please contact us. Our immigration lawyers in Vietnam are at your disposal. We can also helo you open a business here.

Setting up a business in Vietnam also implies meeting certain accounting requirements, among which obtaining VAT numbers. For such a service, you can rely on our lawyers or accountants in Vietnam. We also recommend using our accounting services if you want to find out the best way you can run a business from a financial point of view.