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Immigrate to Vietnam from Australia

Immigrate to Vietnam from Australia

In recent years, Vietnam’s economy has reached important growth which has been beneficial for entrepreneurship and for the labor market that has started attracting more and more skilled workers. Vietnamese companies have gained an interest in entering partnerships with foreign investors, while employers increased their searches for overseas workers who can come from any part of the world. This is also the case of Australians who can find plenty of opportunities in Vietnam, whether business or work-related.

If you are interested in moving to Vietnam from Australiaour immigration lawyers in Vietnam can offer tailored immigration solutions. Below, you can find the main options for a quick relocation, as well as the way we can help you.

The main options for immigration to Vietnam from Australia

If you want to relocate to Vietnam from Australia, you don’t need to search too much, as these are your main options:

  • employment;
  • entrepreneurship;
  • studentship;
  • family reunification.

If you are interested in any of these possibilities, our immigration lawyers in Vietnam are at your disposal with detailed information on the procedure of acquiring residence permits based on your purpose of relocation and the duration of stay. We can also help you immigrate to Vietnam from another country.

The investor visa is available if you want to start a business and get Vietnamese residency, however, you should consider that the financial requirements are strict. A one-year visa requires a minimum investment of 3 billion VND. For lower investments, the validity of the residence permit is also shorter.

Visa on arrival to Vietnam

No matter the way you plan on moving to Vietnam from Australia, the most important thing to consider is that you will need a visa to enter Vietnam, however, it can be obtained upon arrival. For this purpose, you must make sure you have a valid passport when leaving.

If you are foreign citizen established in Australia based on a residence permit, you need to know that the rules of your home country will apply. This is why when making such an important decision of immigrating here from Australia, you are advised on getting the support of our law firm in Vietnam.

If you are a foreign investor and a newcomer to this country, using the services of an accountant in Vietnam provides you access to better services and a thorough understanding of accounting legislation. For this reason, if you require specific accounting services, you can rely on our local experts.

Temporary residency, one of the easiest ways of relocating to Vietnam from Australia

One of the simplest ways for immigration to Vietnam from Australia is by applying for a residence permit. From this point of view, the temporary residence visa can be obtained for most the purposes presented above.

This means that you can obtain a temporary residence card as an employee, as a businessperson who opens a company in Vietnam, to reunite with your family or to study here. The validity of such a permit starts with one year and based on it, you can later apply for permanent residency.

The procedure of obtaining temporary residency can be explained by our Vietnamese lawyers who will also help you gather and file the necessary paperwork.

Foreign citizens interested in immigration to Vietnam can rely on our local specialists. We are at your service with complete solutions that enable you to relocate here, according to your needs. Feel free to contact us and get information about the main ways you can move to this country as soon as possible.

Family reunification as a way of relocating to Vietnam from Australia

The number of foreign citizens who live in Vietnam has increased in the past few years, so if you have family members living here already, you can take advantage of this aspect and apply for family reunification that will enable you to move here.

The temporary residence permit can be obtained through a dependent visa which is available for the following family members:

  • spouse and children of Vietnamese residents;
  • parents of Vietnamese residents.

For this purpose, the Vietnamese resident will act as a sponsor on behalf of the foreign family member. So, if you want to move to Vietnam from Australia, you will need your relative to act as your sponsor.

Our Vietnamese law firm can guide you through the procedure of obtaining a visa for family reunification purposes. We are also at your service for guidance if you want to move here from other countries. We are also at your service if you decide to remain here and apply for citizenship in Vietnam.

How to obtain permanent residency in Vietnam as an Australian

Vietnam’s expat community is quite impressive and many of the foreign citizens who moved here for short time spans decided to prolong their stays and become permanent residents.

If you are planning on moving to Vietnam from Australia for a long term, permanent residency may be your best option. In order to obtain a permanent residence (PR) card you need to live here for a minimum period of 3 years. Permanent residency can also lead to citizenship in Vietnam.

Our immigration lawyers in Vietnam can help you verify the eligibility criteria for permanent residency and then apply for the PR card.

Economic relations between Vietnam and Australia

According to data from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the economic relations between Australia and Vietnam have flourished in the past years. Some of the best examples include:

  1. a total value of 15.5 billion USD in trading activities between the two countries in 2019;
  2. the value accounts of a 6.3% increase in the goods and services traded between Vietnam and Australia;
  3. Vietnam’s is Australia 4th largest trading partner, according to data from 2019;
  4. Australian companies are welcome in Vietnam.

If you are interested in moving to Vietnam from Australia, do not hesitate to contact our law firm. We are also at your disposal if you decide to immigrate to Vietnam from Europe, for example.