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Litigation Law Firm in Vietnam

Litigation Law Firm in Vietnam

Vietnamese laws are quite different from those of Western countries, which is why it is not uncommon for disputes to arise. However, these do not appear because of the differences between the legislation in Western states and the local laws, as Vietnamese companies can also have misunderstandings.

There are several ways through which disputes can be settled in Vietnam. These are usually settled through mediation, arbitration, or litigation. What should be noted is that is two actions can be used only in certain situations.

No matter the case, if you are involved in a dispute, a litigation law firm in Vietnam can help you. Below, we explain how Vietnamese lawyers can help in such matters.

Our lawyers also specialize in offering support to those who want to immigrate to Vietnam.

The main laws applicable in litigation cases in Vietnam

There are various laws that cover litigation in Vietnam. These are usually related to the case, however, the Civil Code is the most important law that covers most of the disputes. This is also the main source of based on which the Vietnamese court system relies on.

Vietnam has a two-tier court system that is made of first instance and appeal courts.

Our litigation law firm in Vietnam is at service of local and foreign citizens and investors who need professional assistance in matters of disputes.

We can also guide foreign citizens who want to apply for citizenship in Vietnam.

The most common types of disputes in Vietnam

As the business environment evolved and the number of foreign citizens who have moved to Vietnam increased, the trend was for the number disputes to also rise. This is why, the most common types of litigation cases now cover the following areas of the law:

  1. civil law cases that are usually initiated by individuals who want to get divorced;
  2. commercial litigation that imply contractual disputes between companies or between companies and their clients who are natural persons;
  3. debt collection which can usually be settled can also turn into a dispute case;
  4. trademark infringement litigation is also quite common in Vietnam;
  5. real estate related litigation can also occur in a country with such a developed market.

Such cases can be handled by our law firm in Vietnam. Our litigation lawyers are at your disposal with tailored advice if you decide to work with us.

Civil litigation law firm in Vietnam

Understanding the provisions of the Civil Law which encompasses many other laws, among which the Family Code and the Contract Law are some of the comprehensive can be difficult to grasp by Vietnamese citizens and foreign ones. This is why when dealing with problems in these areas, a litigation law firm specialized in civil matters can be the best option.

Our Vietnamese law firm is made of attorneys who are at your service with advice and guidance on the best approach when dealing with difficulties. Divorces, child custody and support, asset division are only of the few situations we had to deal with over time with successful outcomes for our clients most of the times.

Debt collection which usually falls under the provisions of the Contract Law can also be brough to the attention of our litigation law firm in Vietnam that will first try to recover the due amounts in an amicable way. The chances of success are quite high as our attorneys usually manage to help the parties reach advantageous agreements that spare them time and money in courts.

We can also help you immigrate to Vietnam.

Commercial litigation law firm in Vietnam

Not only natural persons have problems they need to resolve in court, but Vietnamese companies too. However, commercial litigation is more complex as it usually involves specific contract, confidentiality clauses and important amounts of money. This is why when dealing with such disputes a commercial litigation law firm in Vietnam should be a business owner’s first option.

Commercial litigation can be settled in court, but also through arbitration. However, this option is only available for companies that have such clauses in the contracts they conclude with their business partners or associates.

We can provide tailored support to local and foreign companies dealing with commercial disputes. Our attorneys in Vietnam are also at your service if you want to draft contracts that contain arbitration clauses with the purpose of avoiding lengthy conflicts.

Cases resolved through the Vietnam International Arbitration Court

Vietnam has its own International Arbitration Court (VIAC) which settles a wide range of disputes. The most recent statistics indicate that:

  • in 2019, VIAC registered 274 case files;
  • 40% of these cases were related to international disputes, out of which 24% covered Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) conflicts;
  • 35% of the conflicts were related to the sale of goods, while 23% covered real estate litigation.

For dispute resolution assistance, please contact our litigation law firm in Vietnam. Feel free to ask us about how to obtain citizenship in Vietnam.