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Citizenship in Vietnam

Citizenship in Vietnam

Vietnam has become an appealing immigration destination for a few years now. The combination between the living conditions at lower prices compared to other Asian countries and the possibility of acquiring residency rather easy under recent amendment in the legislation attracts many foreigners who want to move to this part of the world. Some of them remain here and decide to apply for citizenship in Vietnam

 Quick Facts  
Assistance provided by specialized immigration lawyer (YES/NO) Yes, assistance provided by our immigration lawer 

 Persons eligible for citizenship

– foreign citizens who have lived here for sufficient years,

– investors,

– foreign citizens married to Vietnamese citizens,

– descendents of Vietnamese citizens

Requirements for citizenship by naturalization

5 years of living in Vietnam based on permanent residency

 Availability for citizenship by descent (YES/NO)


Citizenship by marrige possibility (YES/NO)

Yes, citizenship can be acquired after living here for 5 years

Citizenship by investment requirements

– minimum investment 3 million VND for a 12-month residence permit,

– maximum investment 100 million VND for a 5-year residence permit followed by citizenship

Real estate acquisition through citizenship by investment (YES/NO)


Timeframe to obtain citizenship by naturalization

5 years

Timeframe to obtain citizenship by marriage

5 years

Timeframe to obtain citizenship by investment 5 years
Eligibility for citizenship by descent 

– children of Vietnamese citizens born outside Vietnam,

– children of foreign citizens who live in Vietnam as permanent residents

Immigration with family members allowed (YES/NO)

YES, through the investor visa

Visa-free access based on a Vietnamese passport

52 countries

 Dual citizenship permitted (YES/NO)


Benefits of permanent relocation to Vietnam

 – access to the business market for investors,

– good living standards,

– numerous opportunities in one of the largest economies in Southeast Asia

If you want to move here and are interested in acquiring Vietnamese nationality, our lawyers can help you. Below, we invite you to discover what it entails to obtain a passport here and how our Vietnamese lawyers can help you. If you decide on immigration to Vietnam, do not doubt in contacting us.

How can a person acquire citizenship in Vietnam?

The Law on Vietnamese Nationality is the main act providing for the ways through which citizenship can be obtained in this country. These are:

  • birth;
  • descent;
  • naturalization.

However, it should be noted that citizenship by birth cannot be acquired automatically, it is available only under specific circumstances.

It is also worth noting that starting with 2009, dual citizenship in Vietnam is permitted under certain limited circumstances.

Considering each country has its own regulations, it is best to use the services of our immigration lawyers in Vietnam if you want to obtain citizenship here.

We also provide support in immigration to Vietnam. Our lawyers have worked with many foreign citizens in the past few years, helping many of them to move to this country under the requirements of law. Feel free to contact us and let us be your guide for relocation. We offer tailored support.

If you are married to a Vietnamese national, you can acquire a 5-year temporary resident visa, which can be extended for as long as you are married. If you want to apply for residency in Vietnam through this means, you can rely on our lawyers for support in drafting the necessary documents. Contact us for support!

We have also created an infographic on this subject:

How to obtain citizenship by birth in Vietnam

As mentioned earlier, Vietnamese nationality is available only under certain criteria, as most foreign citizens apply for it based on naturalization.

People who are born in Vietnam are not granted citizenship automatically unless they have stateless parents who have applied for permanent residency and the child/children must have a nationality. Abandoned children also granted citizenship in Vietnam in 2023.

Our lawyers can offer more information on how to acquire permanent residency in Vietnam as a stateless person.

Citizenship by descent in Vietnam

It is possible to obtain citizenship in Vietnam in 2023 if a person has origins in this country. By this, the following must be entailed:

  1. the person has Vietnamese parents;
  2. the person has at least one Vietnamese parent, while the other is a stateless;
  3. the person has at least one Vietnamese parent and other parent is a foreign national who has obtained permanent residency here (the child must have been born in Vietnam).

If you are interested in immigration to Vietnam and applying for Vietnamese nationality, naturalization is the best way to achieve that.

The labor contract is one of the necessary documents for foreigners who wish to work in this country. For this purpose, the expat will also be issued a residence permit for Vietnam which will enable him or her to live here for the duration of the employment. If you need support in obtaining these documents, please contact us.

Together with our lawyers you can also check and see if you meet Vietnam‘s dual citizenship requirements for 2023.

How to obtain Vietnamese nationality through naturalization in 2023

Naturalization is the traditional way through which a foreign citizen obtains citizenship in Vietnam after living here based on permanent residency.

A foreign citizen who has lived in Vietnam for 5 years based on a permanent resident card is eligible to become a permanent resident. Apart from this, he or she must also meet the following requirements:

  • to respect the Vietnamese Constitution and have full mental capacity, as requested by the Nationality Law;
  • to have a good knowledge of the Vietnamese language;
  • to be able to support him/herself.

The application must be filed with the Justice Department and must contain the following supporting documents:

  • a copy of the permanent residence visa;
  • copies of the birth certificate, passport, or other identification documents;
  • a CV;
  • a clean criminal record for the duration of stay in Vietnam;
  • proof of speaking Vietnamese (diplomas from courses or training of Vietnamese);
  • proof of self-sustenance and having a place to live.

You don’t need to worry about the documents to file for obtaining Vietnamese nationality, as our law firm can offer support in this sense. We will verify your dossier to make sure it is complete before filing it.

When it comes to dual citizenship in Vietnam, it is available for the following categories of persons:

  • investors who contribute to the Vietnamese economy;
  • persons married to Vietnamese citizens.

Our immigration lawyers in Vietnam can offer more information on this matter, as wel as on how to immigrate to Vietnam through other means.

You can also watch our video on this subject:

Why immigrate to Vietnam in 2023?

According to the Ministry of Labour, there are around 83,500 foreigners living in Vietnam (according 2019 data). The country’s total population is over 98 million inhabitants. Additionally, Vietnam has very inexpensive living expenses. Even in Hanoi and Saigon, the typical monthly cost for a modest family, including rent and dining out, won’t be more than US$1,500. Since France once colonized Vietnam, French is frequently used as a second language. In urban areas, Mandarin Chinese is also frequently spoken. Vietnamese individuals are fluent in English in major urban areas, although English speakers may find it difficult in more rural settings.

Vietnam is a great place to live in for expats, and the communities of foreign citizens have grown considerably in the past few years. According to recent data:

  • the total population of Vietnam was 97,040 million inhabitants at the level of 2019;
  • out of these, 83,500 were expats;
  • in 2020, the number of expats reached approximately 100,000;
  • by 2050, Vietnam is expected to become one of the 20 largest economies in the world.

If you want to relocate to Vietnam and want to apply for citizenship, do not hesitate to contact our local lawyers who can support you with various services based on your country of origin.